Thursday, October 13, 2011

Glinting Skies Layering combos

It seems like each year I layer hex glitter over something, I love big glitter. I need to do more blog posts about glitter. Seem's logical, there is so much wonderful glitter polish around.

Here are a couple of great ones!

First up, on my foray to the coast I mentioned a while back, I found a couple of Milani glitters. I think I love this brand more than I give it credit.

I was pretty thrilled to get the gold hex, I'd wanted Maybelline's old gold cap Pot of Gold for a long time, and never seem to muster together a Milani or Cherry Culture order, so I grabbed Milani's Jewel FX Gold when I saw it.
I also grabbed the One Coat Glitters by Milani, too. This one is Blue Flash. I call it a two coat glitter, but that might just be my application. Wow! I love this!

I will say that it was hard to spread the Milani Jewel FX Gold to separate out the pieces a little better. You can see the uneven coverage is a bit of a bummer. Having said that, I was in a hurry to get it on, I was pretty excited to get this color. I feel that a little bit of thinner might help things out a bit.

Feeling a hot summer day with the sun glinting in my eyes!


Two coats on the blue and two on the gold. I felt that I had a hard time spreading the gold out into an even coat. (oops on that sleepy blogging error!)
Bottle shot:

I found that these wore very well. Though, for some reason about 4 days later one just peeled off, like a fake nail. Then the rest began to go and I had to hastily remove everything because I didn't want it to look al grungie and weird. I used a good basecoat and never have had a problem with it. No explanations, just need to figure that one out. Hmm.


Earlier in the summer I found, while browsing my Ross, a display of Cosmetic Arts nail polishes. These are by Forsythe and in tall rectangular bottles. I am not sure why they do this. It is an odd combination of modern packaging (everyone loves the post modern rectangle) and old fashioned naming. Cosmetic Arts. As though I think Jean Tierney is making the ad campaign in some scene out of "Laura". What?

OK, anyhow. Back to the layering!

I then grabbed that unnamed L.A. Colors' silver glitter. I feel like it had the word "diamond" in the name, but again, I ripped open the packaging and completely forgot to jot down the name! Gah!

This is a color correct shade of the blue. It is either very new, meaning I don't have this one yet from a Ross set, or it's older and part of a set I don't know about.

It is not Puccilicious, which is actually purple and not blue, though it pulls blue in a lot of photos.

What is it? Anyone? I am curious!!

Here is another photo:

Three coats of the blue and three coats of the glitter. Yes, three.
Unfortunately the density of the glitter is not such that it imparts a lot of coverage. You can see the ragged end of my index on the left and how it appeared to bunch up towards the top of the nail. It took a couple of tries to get this to actually work out.

Lately I have been using the Ott light to work under and it is the right temperature to dry some polishes - if I am not careful with others it will bubble and I have to redo the manicure - this needed all that warmth, I think if I left it alone to dry it would have never really come together.

Wear: great. No questions there, I wore this for a long time and only got a lifting of the right side of the middle finger and as you can see from above there was a bit of a funny bulge in the glitter at the edge. Odd. I rarely have chip issues so when I do, I really notice it.

Here is the bottle of the base:

Here is that L.A. Color glitter:

This is only the second time I've used it and as you can see I've used a lot trying to get coverage. Great if you are mixing glitters and want your base to show, but not so great if you want coverage!

Both reminded me of those days when the sun is very bright, almost glassy and makes your eyes tear up. Perhaps this is a Pacific Northwest thing, I know the light up here is much different from other parts of the country. Hard to describe, but there is something cleaner and brighter about it.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. The L.A. Colors polish is called Sparkling Diamonds.

    I also have that purple-blue shade from Cosmetic Arts that I picked up at Ross. I don't know the shade name either. I have a lot of those bottles and I hate not knowing a shade name!

    Beautiful mani's :)

  2. Thank you!
    This is more like Modern Grace than anything else, very periwinkle, maybe an off batch of Puccilicious! So odd!
    Odd I didn't do a bottle comp!

  3. Wow, these are both so pretty. =D
    Whatever that one color is... I like it.

  4. Ooh, I hope I can find the Cosmetics Arts polishes. I love me some rectangular bottles. Does your bottle of LA Colors smell funny to you? It's not something I ever noticed before with that brand save for Sparkling Diamonds. And I really love these two layered manis, specially the first.

  5. PGP, I don't remember for sure, but I think kind of weird and like vinegar or something.
    It was odd.
    Thanks!! :D

  6. I LOVE the glitter over glitter look!!! Brilliant!


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