Friday, October 7, 2011

Unforgettable Sinful

Sinful seems to be such an easy polish to buy: it's everywhere, it's inexpensive, and every now and then they have a pretty genius color.
I am still on the hunt for Red Ocean, but I have to say OPI's I Lily Love You fills the void.

Meanwhile I grabbed Forget You. Man, what a name. Brings back the school days when kids never really swore unless they were hard core bad asses and could get hauled off to the principal's office nearly every week. Not our small group of semi-stylin' goofballs. "FORGET YOU!!!" was as close as swearing as our Junior Bad Ass Selves ever got.
Hey, 6th grade is no man's land. Will to power, no conscience, no fear. Ha. ha. I can laugh now. 

Back to the polish. 

So, I wanted China Glaze's 108 Degrees, but never really had enough of a shopping urge to put together enough to make $hipping seem worth it. Then I sauntered into Walgreens and saw Sinful's Forget You.


Again with the glassy shimmer particles, and it is hard to see, but there is blue shimmer. The nearest finger to the camera imparts a bit of it, although it's kind hard to really tell.

I love this color. Three coats, nice formula, and a pretty decent amount of coverage. You can see a bit of nail line, but you can't actually really see it unless you are really looking. Nice!

Overall, total win. 

Perhaps one day I'll be organized enough to start a rating system. If I had one, this would get a high rating for one reason alone: the color, coverage and shimmer combo are fantastic!

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