Thursday, October 20, 2011

Green Sheers Haunt My Dreams

When I went to a Tuesday Morning on a long trip out of town over the summer - halcyon ages ago, in fact, my timeline is so loooong in getting things blogged, it's ridiculous - I saw a basket full of Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks.

These are something I'd seen years ago at Walmart, but never purchased because of my aversion to dealing with messy nail polish in some sort of valve dispensing system that would be covered with quick-to-dry polish. No way!

But, the old Nail Board on Makeupalley was full of chatter about holos. As an aside holographic polish is probably the hottest commodity on eBay, short of rare Chanels, and perhaps an odd Project Runway Sally Hansen. But, the nail board has changed and perhaps the legendary lemmings will dissipate as new blood fills the gap, old blood moves on, and the groundswell of excitement over certain polishes wanes.

What the heck am I talking about? Only that if prices go down I can finally get what I want! Ha!

Good god, do I babble.

Meanwhile, I found this one:

Don't Leaf Yet, which I keep reading as "don't leaf me" the leaf aspect remaining in tact. As you can see I can't even keep my puns straight!

A green that aspires more to be a kelly green than a leaf green, but who's splitting hairs?

Here it is on the nail:

Sheer. Hot. Mess.

Four coats. Bubbles. Not so much "not a win" as a big fail.
I was so disappointed in this that I can barely even look at it now! Gah!!

A bit of a sheer/perle/shimmer that seems like it has to be thin to work in the applicator.

I removed it, and I will post a multi-parter on how I did it in the next few posts. Photo intensive.

OK, so perhaps this might work over black, one coat. I didn't bother. I think I will file it with my Borghese Pistacchio as a sheer green with better legs as a top coat or a franken ingredient.

As a reminder:

Here is the blog entry.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.


  1. Email me your address and I will send it to you!
    I think it's a chemistry thing on this polish for me.
    It needs love!

  2. Oh, what a shame. :( I'm still trying to figure out why there seem to be so many crummy greens.

  3. Yeah, so kuch potential!
    Maybr franken ingedients!


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