Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Comp I've Been Wanting To Do For A While Now

Hey folks, you guys are really awesome.

It's nearing my two year anniversary, so I will pepper this entry with a bit of nostalgia.

Why? I don't know, I'm sentimental, romantic, foolish, and a bit of a kid at heart. (I guess that could read: old fashioned, never satisfied, foolish and childish, if you want to be more serious)

When I first started even thinking about nail polish I found the Isa Dora at Rite Aid (gone now, where did that brand go? Or did I buy it in Seattle? It's a blur), then I scuttled into a NW Beauty Supply and found OPI Sahara Sapphire (dang, I need to swatch that! Definitely Oldest Untried, how dorky?) which was so great to me, because Nail Polish (capitalized) could be a thing that could be super fun!

Then I went online and found some blogs: Polish Addict and Scrangie


When Rescue Beauty Lounge came out with blogger polishes, everyone went crazee over them, including me. I had to have Scrangie because I love that color and it was soooo unique.

Even with knock offs, it is the components in RBL Scrangie and how they look on the nail that seem to work like their own kind of magic.

The nearest copies that I've ever seen are Sally Hansen Grape Going and Golden Rose 149.

Here is the comparison:

From left to right: SG Grape Going, RBl Scrangie, GR 149.

I can't remember number of coats, but Grape Going and 149 needed more than Scrangie.

I've done a comparison before, but I really wanted to wear RBL Scrangie. This is Three coats. There is no drag on the Scrangie, that is the light reflecting, no baldspot.

What is different? What is similar?

The Golden Rose seems closer on the base, but too light. Also it is closer on the shimmer particles, but too many.  The Scrangie shimmer is more broken up, feels more like a mineral than a uniform particle.

Grape Going has a base that is more blue and the shimmer is also more blue.

Another photo of the first coat:

Same order, SH, RBL, GR.

The first coat: wow on RBL Scrangie! The coverage!!! Wow!
As to the shimmer has some rainbow properties, so I am guessing it is a different animal than the uniform shimmers of Grape Going or 149.

A reverse order photo:

Really the GR 149 becomes a shimmer bath, and the base is gone. I don't mind that in a polish, but I think it sweeps it off the table as a possible "it can do, dupe".

This is two coats, and still Grape Going just doesn't have the punch to get coverage. In the past I nonchalantly said "it'll do" but it is a different shimmer, more blue, and I believe I used 4 coats by the time I was done with it.

Last photo:

Sun bath of all three polishes.

This truly shows how the shimmer is different in RBL Scrangie as compared to the other two. In a pinch,  the differences between Grape Going and Scrangie are not chasmic, but they are enough to sweep "dupe" off the table.

There you have it!

A comparison I've been wanting to do for a while! A polish from a blogger who is quite the Blog-ess in the Nail Polish firmament (I just wanted a chance to use that word! :D)

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Scrangie really is unique; I'm glad to have it. And of course I had to had Grape Going, too. I've not see that Golden Rose before, I don't think; it's pretty!

  2. I'm the same way, even though I've got the one, hehe, I wanted the other!

    The GR is pretty neat, they seem to be so inexpensive that you can experiment with them pretty easily.


  3. This is a wonderful comparison. Thanks!! And you make a good case for getting all of these. *wallet cries*

  4. Thank you PGP!
    I know, I missed the sale, and had to have Scrangie, so I feel the wallet euthanasia going on!


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