Monday, September 5, 2011

Maybelline's Khaki Fringe versus Matte Olive

Olive, it's on the lips of everyone for a hot color this autumn. For those of us who just plain love these shades of green, all I can say is: It's about time! :D

I've blogged about Matte Olive in the past here.  I've had it for a while, but I think the lighting in that entry really didn't do it justice.

Here it is again:

The finish is matte, but you can see the shimmer hidden inside, which is quite nice. Three coats, pretty good dry time though it felt dry on the surface, it could be prone to finger prints, so it was important to let it dry between coats. The brush is old and a bit "puffed out" so it felt like I was slopping it on with sponge. Quite the experience! But that's the nature of old nylon bristles sitting in solvents for something like 4 years and beyond.

I then compared it with a glossy topcoat:

Left to right: TC/none/TC/none

More detail:

A fabulous richness comes out, multi-dimensional green: from lighter peridot, to burnished golds.

Next up is Khaki Fringe. Why the comparison?

Here's why:

In the bottle I figured they were dupes! (I like to keep old sales stickers on the bottles, just shows where they've been. As an aside it's funny that old polishes are often cheaper back then, than eBay prices! Odd!)

This is Khaki Fringe's first outing:

Rich and deep. To me it's less green but more golden.
Three coats,  easy to dry, a little bit of a challenge because of the brush, as you can see from my pinkie finger on the right.

Another photo:

I added some Maybelline Matte Topcoat, which had to be thinned, thus presenting more satin than matte, but you can see that in the detail Khaki Fringe is darker and more golden green:

Finally, some comparisons:

Very straightforward: both in the same family, but Khaki Fringe is darker, more yellow, and has a it more sparkle because of the contrast. I think the Matte Olive has something in the matte finish that just makes it lighter.


I truly love Matte Olive a wee bit more, it feels a little bit more complex.
Khaki Fringe is delicious, though, and somewhat more metallic, though it's a shimmer bombshell in its own right.
Who am I kidding? I love both. End of chat. :D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Awesome! When I saw Khaki Fringe, I thought it said Khaki Fudge!

  2. Hee!!

    I have a franken, I might use that name and attribute it to you!


  3. Ooooh, I don't know which I like more. *conflicted*
    And I frankened something very similar to Matte Olive from an olive green eyeshadow. It was even matte because I used so much pigment haha.

  4. Both great colors, and I just checked my spreadsheet, I have neither one! How did I miss out on those?!
    I've been digging out my Maybellines lately too, and plan to wear just that brand this week. Yaaay!

  5. Purple FreenPanda, I did a similar eye shadow franken!

    ABOP, you are getting the matte olive as part of the Maybelline Matte set! :)


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