Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lemon Aid?

Borghese, Borghese, Borghese!

Why don't you pigment your polishes?


Four coats of Limoncello.

A yellow shimmer that, on the first coat, could act as a clear base coat.

I wasn't in the mood to resuscitate it with a black base. No, I felt that I would have a faintly yellow shimmer top coat. Why am I posting this at all? (should that be a tag? hmmmm) because if you see this, and you want yellow, go with a creme base like Sinful Unicorn as a base if you actually want yellow shimmer. I like yellow, This on is fairly soft, but not enough pigment.

Right now I am a bit miffed that I even paid $1.99 for this. I've got a Melmer drawer full of base coats and top coats and treatments, I'm not in the market for more.

I think this needs a reblog. I probably got a bit frustrated by the fourth coat and saw that it was not building and then it was bubbling.
I don't throw things, but this was a candidate!

So, if see this, and you need a cheap base coat, win. If, however, you seek a yellow shimmer, run away from this! And the normal full price is $8! Eight Dollars! EIGHT!!! Optimistic that this is an eight dollar polish on a good day.

Screed over!

Thank you for reading my little screed-y nail polish journal!


  1. I've only blogged one Borghese but I had about the same luck as you. 8 bucks?! I was so frustrated and mine was a vampy burgundy color that looked like watered down cranberry. Talk about skimping on pigment and robbing people. Sigh. Word to the wise: the Sally Hansen HD yellow color looks about the same as this one so avoid at all costs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you!
    I will check that out! I love that shade, but man! The sheer-factor was stunning!

    I do have a love-hate relationship with them! LOL!

    Love Mezzonotte Blue, Stellare Notte, etc, but sometimes their light shimmers seem to leave me wondering, did someone misread the recipe?

    PS I love your blog!

  3. Oh too bad. >.> Maybe it'd be better as a layering topcoat? I always really want to like yellow polish but always end up disappointed with the formula. :(

  4. Pretty colour, but 4 coats, no thanks!

  5. I may reblog it as a layer coat, it's a pretty shimmer.
    After four coats and still pretty sheer, shaping up to be a win!


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