Friday, September 16, 2011

A Blue Redemption

Borghese, Borghese, Borghese!

Thank you for Capriccio Blue!

I think I love you?

Remember that little spat we just had?

Time for some

Dreamy, creamy, heavenly, milky, light blue.

Faint whiff of Wedgwood blue, the soft, diluted intensity, and the quiet poetry of a late summer afternoon.

Shiny with no topcoat, you can see the gold reflection of the bottle labeling on my ring finger.

Three coats, easy formula, quick to dry.

Another photo, for some reason my camera popped the intensity up a bit and it looks brighter. The first photo is really more close to how it appears in real life.

Odd, because both photos are with the same lamps.

You can see the grey though, still, with it's softening affect. Quite a sweet blue. I like blue, too! (Bollywood movie quote!)

This was on sale for 50% off at my Rite Aid, so $4. I can't complain, I had my eye on this bottle the whole time it was out, but none of them really ever sold, except the purple. Odd.

Sweetness and light! Om Shanti Om!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I had my eye on this one for the longest too - and finally snatched it up half price at Ulta last week. It looks every bit as gorgeous as I hoped it would. So lovely!

  2. Thanks all!
    LL, can't wait to see it on your gorgeous nails!!!

  3. This is gorgeous! So glad to hear the formula is good too. I've had lots of trouble finding light blues with good formulas.

  4. It is true!! Pastels are often the worst!

  5. That's some dusty prettiness! Nice to see Borghese hit a home run since most of the time people seem to really dislike the brand for polish.

  6. I think if they were more consistent out of the gate, ppl might enjoy the brand more. Eight bux a bottle and the lack of pigmentation a lot of the time makes me only buy discount!!


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