Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lavender Comps: Part 1

Perhaps this should be a springtime post, but it is not.

Here is a three-parter on some lavenders that I have a hunch are all related, though not dupes by any stretch of the imagination.


H and M Temptress

A beautiful color, leaning into the red pool, pulling out a couple of drops and saying: Don't mistake me for a blue, people!

Three coats. Easy formula, dried beautifully.

Best of all, a pale shimmer that seems invisible in the bottle:

This was given to me by a super generous swapper. Love you to bits, I was honored to do this swap!!

Perfection, except I couldn't get the lid off of the brush handle so it was a bit of a careful moment on my pinkie finger.

I have one other color by this brand, wow, love it!

E.L.F. Lilac

A dusty, soft lavender, that they call Lilac. We have lilacs like crazy out here and I've never seen one look this unhealthy.
It is glossy, three-coater, and has a "jelly implication", that perhaps now is called "sorbet". Reminiscent of Orly Bon Bon, but more of a lavender than an actual gray. Perhaps a reblog and a comp are in order.
I did like the formula, but not really sure if it is a color I can carry well. It doesn't have the pop/intensity of the H&M. So, perhaps a skin tone with more blue undertones could work this baby out?

Ok, more soon! (as in next post! Keep your eyes peeled! :D)

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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