Monday, September 19, 2011

Lavender Comps: Part 2

More Lavender Love!

Let's do it!

Diamond Cosmetics Pelican Peak Purple

A glossy light purple, that feels, to me, closest to the lavender that grows outside in my yard. Blue inspired, but still purple.
Gorgeous three coats of glossy goodness, easy to handle formula and quite A-OK on the dry time. Nifty!

Pretty square bottles, too!

Sparitual Thunder Road

Color-wise, a favorite!
Why? Intense pigment, beautiful formula and such a perfect lavender. Not too red, not too blue. The finish is a bit less glossy without a topcoat.
One tiny bubble section, but I attribute that to my application.

Thunder Road, what an unusual name for a soft polish. I immediately think of Bruce Springsteen's second (best!) album.

I also like the way it remains wonderfully NOT grey in the shade.


Still not gray or blue, still has a gorgeous intensity.

Just  because I need to do clean-up and this is a reminder how great this would have looked had I done it! GAH!

Last installment will have a comp!

More sooner than you think!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I am not a pastel fan but I have two shades of this lavender/lilac color that I just can't live without. For some reason this purple is just so wonderful! I love the more pigmented one myself ;)

  2. As a lover of lavender this series is making me go :o :O :O! :D! /interpretive emoticon dance

    And that Sparitual one is almost a neon pastel if such a thing exists. *is frightened*

  3. Good question!!
    I can't think of one!

    Glad you liked it!!

  4. I'm not sure how many tints/tones/shades of this lovely color I have, but it's one of my favorites. Both are gorgeous!

  5. It is a really nice shade, I love it!


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