Saturday, August 27, 2011

L'Oreal Summer 2011

This was a limited edition set that came out this summer. Though it is late in the season, these are our hottest days and it really is a short, dry, baking blast before autumn sniffs around the corner.

Very beautiful glassy particle shimmer, loaded with punch in the summer sunshine.

Coral Starfish

Three coats, a little bit on the sheer side of things, but the punch from the golden shimmer in the rich red/orange coral base is a delight.
Application went very well, dried nicely too. I wore this one for several days and enjoyed a very easy no-brainer kind of wear. Win!

Yellow Seahorse

As above, great formula to handle. This is three coats and you can still see visible nail line, but unfortunately  you can't see the orange shimmer that is buried in this cool glassy particle shimmer.

A bit of a better shot to see the shimmer: very warm and golden. Even more coral/orange than in this photo.

Pink Shells

Three coats of hot magenta beauty. Shimmer that really glistens. No problems with application and really quite excellent coverage. Of the four, this is my favorite. Zap! Pow!

Blue Marine

This one, I must admit, is the most disappointing of the lot. Truly a stunning polish in the bottle. The blue/green color shift felt like is should be heaven on the nail. The worst part: this is four coats!

I tried it over black:

The glassy particles are quite visible, you can see the green and the blue shimmer, fabulous!

Here you can see the duochrome of green/blue that the particles have.

So this last one feels like it needs a base of navy, black, green, etc, but the glassy glitter that is here makes it worth it. This "glassy particle" is around a lot, so I am not saying this is a total win because in the bottle it really looks luxuriously dense and so you think there will be amazing coverage. Then you get it on your nail and it's rather hard to see.

Well, there you go! A sun drenched set of polishes that really maximize those new glassy particles that seem to be everywhere: glimmer/glitter/shimmer all rolled into one.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I'm already looking for L'Oreal fall, but the two displays I've seen so far don't even have slots for the polishes--not sure what's up with that.

  2. I'm really loving Coral Starfish and Marine Blue over black is a stunner. Strange though, I looked at MB in the store and it looked like it had some purple glitter.

  3. PGP, I think it's one of those glassy particles with the blue/green/purple shift, but it's really hard to see on the nail.
    I probably should have mentioned that.

    KD, I really do love L'oreal, hopefully their fall stuff will be nice, there are so many things coming up, it's going to be hard to match what I want versus what I've got, type of thing!
    I'm already not sure about anything except the CND and Essie topcoats. Those are high on my list!

  4. Wow! I don't own any L'oreal polishes.. I didn't even know they made them, haha. I'll keep an eye out for these, maybe I can still find them.

  5. I did see the orange and yellow on sale, but these were only on display, nothing on the racks.


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