Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Everyone is a Winner...

First thank you so much for entering my tiny give away!

I think that it is so awesome that you entered! All six of you! Yes! If I was in a betting mood with these odds I'd be living large, rescuing all the wayward pugs and horses and kitties. 

Who won what, and who they are! (links provided for blog-esses, blog goddesses)

Maybelline Mattes:

I only had one entry! 

Laquerlove! Congratulations!
Another Bottle of Polish blog is awesome!

Starry Temptress:

Two entries!

Two Winners! Why? I had a lucky run at Ross and grabbed another set.

The wonderful Gotham Polish won a set of Starry Temptress!

Annie M you also get a set! No blog, but thank you so much for entering! (if you start a blog, let me know, I'm a born follower of nail blogs! )

Congratulations ladies!

Rebel Debutante: 

Three entries, two winners. 

First I drew Alaina of perfectly wonderful Perky Polish! Congrats! You will get the set that is in orig package.

The other wonderful blog entry: Purplegreenpanda! I will put together my swatched Rebel Debutante set. It's not got packaging, but only one swatch on it!

Congrats ladies!

Pardon My French:

No entries!
Congratulations Donna J of Donna's Cheap Thrills super fabo blog! Though you entered for Rebel Debutante, my Ross was giving me no love, sigh. 

Congratulations Everyone! 
Thank you for entering!!!

Every single person who entered won a prize. Why? With six entries, I'd feel like a complete heel not sending everyone a prize.

I will be emailing everyone for their mailing addresses so I can put together the packages. 

Thanks so much!


  1. Hooray! Thanks for the great giveaway~


  2. I would have entered, but my collecting problem means I already had a lot of the prizes. :)

  3. So glad everyone is happy!
    KD, If you'd entered, I'd have gotten everyone something! :D

    Next one, maybe I'll try throwing up some Opals or a franken....:D

  4. YAY thanks girl!!! Really looking forward to these, I heart neons :) Thank you thank you thank you!


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