Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Missha, Missha, Missha!

Perhaps you will be patient with me. I've got a lot of photos here. Why? Because I think I've found my dream green duochrome.

Sheer delight.

Some more sun shots:

Now shade:

It is a very unusual polish. It looks like it could be a frost, but it is those small particles, like a foil, but not so metallic, that make it up. This isn't a shimmer, but another thing. New and not just glassy, but full of color and sparkle.

Here is the bottle:

Never really going gold, it goes into a bit of a warm green, hinting at a jade. Dare I say "peridot"? ;)
Fortunately it's not a gold or a yellow.

More interior shots:

Sorry, pure indulgence at this point....hehe.

Emerald foil??? What up that??? Nooooiiiiiiice!!!

Blue? NO! YES!!!!

*pant, pant, pant*

Too much. Too, too much.

Must split blog post....

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I think you may have found the first Peridot dupe! I have no Chanels and Peridot is the first one to really tempt me, but with two kids in college my husband would kill me if I paid that much for a nail polish. I must find a dupe and now I think I have. Thank you!

  2. Ahahah I love picture heavy posts! :D
    I love this polish too, I think it's incredible, stunning, amazing, etc. etc.
    I ordered it ten days ago, I'm crossing my fingers (and other parts of my body too...) because with the Italian Customs you can only pray and hope...

  3. This is beautiful! Do you know if it's available in the UK?

  4. Donna, this one is more blue, less gold/yellow. I just got Peridot in the mail and though I am glad it's not a dupe, the Missha is amazing. AMAZING!

    Christina! Crossing fingers for you! I got mine off eBay from a Korean seller, but I see that eBay sellers don't like to sell to Italy! Bummer!!!

    Emma...yes...drool, drool, drool!

    Tee Dee, I think the eBay seller does ship all over, it took three weeks, it was RubyRubyShop.

    Personally, I like it more than Peridot, and now that I have Peridot, the differences are clear: Missha is lighter, more airy, more blue/mint/emerald. It's got a foil/sparkle thing, too.

    Ok....babble over! Thank you ladies!!!

  5. I wish someone would figure out how to franken duochromes!

  6. QoC yay!
    Tee Dee, I have had great luck, it is a two back-up polish for me :)

    Donna, check out a few things that are cheap:
    Tkb Trading has molto pigments! ;)
    Old SH Opals are cheap and full of hidden duochromosity! Seriously amazing if you can work in a black or navy or even purple or green that are dark.
    I will finish my series, work on frankens, and get it posted this fall. The opals are still cheap, which is the best part!

  7. I do have maybe half the Opals, I wish I had at least half the Prisms too. I love those duochromes too, not to mention the holos!

  8. The pale prisms like Lavender Sky do well in a black, plus there is the whole layering over black.

    I think that the Missha particles are foil pieces, not sure if they are metal or a polymer. Definitely not shimmer particles.
    Plus old SH is mica, these new ones are something else.

  9. Lovely lovely! This is better than Peridot.

  10. I know!!! It is an amazing color!!
    I still swoon!


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