Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Don't Have To Be A Star, Baby...

...to be in my show!!!

On that note, I've got Color Club Starry Temptress and I am swatching it!

First a few things: all are three coats and all have no top coat. You can see that they are somewhat gritty, but a topcoat will address that very easily, if you use a thinner top coat, perhaps two. (Right now I am vacillating between a thick quick dry and the old SH Mega Shine in a chrome bottle, which is thinner, but shinier)

I put everything over white to really see the neon pop. I shot it in the later afternoon, so the light is a bit warmish, still, all colors are beautiful!!

The white I used was a French White by NYC. I do NOT recommend this as the Color Club chemistry never jived with the NYC chemistry and the underneath never dried. It was, to put it mildly, enough to empty the white into a jar, let it dry and harvest the balls. On an upside: WetnWild white works beautifully. If I had a Color Club white, I bet it would be great, too. Hmm. Perhaps they should package the Neons with a white. Just saying!

Starry Temptress in general is a neon creme base collection (one exception) loaded with glitter. Most glitter is silver, one isn't. It comes with a Starry Temptress topcoat that is a glitter full of translucent iridescent pieces. I didn't use it because I has having so much trouble with the white base, after a while I realized that I wasn't having much luck on the whole swatch front.  Also, this topcoat reminds me of a transclucent Sally Hansen I've got.

To the swatches!

Space Case

This is the only one that has a shimmer in the base. The shimmer is an aqua blue. The glitter is silver with some iridescent pieces thrown in.

In real life, as I recall, this was a little less intense. These really pop in these photos!

Here is a bottle shot of Space Case:

Here you can see the translucent iridescent glitter as well as the blue shimmer. The shimmer is more like a light blue.
It is a pretty dense base, so glitter tends to get buried, which kind of defeats the purpose of glitter, if you get my drift!
This is like they took Starry Temptress Topcoat and mixed it into a batch of Electro Candy pink.


This is a truly hot neon pink. It is loaded with silver glitter, too.

There is a sense of translucency here, if not the real thing. On some layers you can see silver glitter, in others you can see pink shining through. In a situation like this, you have to take it as a win.

Wink, Wink, Twinkle

Same as above: silver glitter with some translucency enabling glitter to be seen at multiple levels. I will say that these two are very nice!

You've Got Soul-Ar

Again: enough translucency to let you see layers

When I think of neon orange, this really fills the bill! A totally perfect summer polish. Of the bunch, I don't know why, but this one really works, it's got enough juicy red to make it lovely.

Glitter Envy

I feel like perhaps this is something I've seen before, on the other hand, I think I've seen all these neons before, so even to try to do a comp would be ridiculous. Of the bunch, this seems the most sheer. It doesn't feel like a jelly, but just not enough pigment. Hmm.

Other Worldly

Another very sheer  one with a lot of the glitter readily visible.

Imagine if they had made these jelly neons with glitters? There is the temptation to thin them with clear nail polish to add shine, jelliness and depth.

At times I want to dislike some of these polishes, but at times, they totally feel like summer and sunshine and late nights out on hot summer nights.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish blog!


  1. I'm not feeling these at all. I've read the Untamed Luxury collection had the same problems with buried glitter. :/ The colors sure are pretty though.

  2. Yeah, i think that if these were neon jellies they would have been a full on win, but they are so much like old colors with glitter added, it felt not so much the home run. More like hitting a double and making it to third on an error. :)

  3. I have these too and love the idea of turning them into jellies - and throwing at least one other color of glitter in them. Hmmm... Thanks for the swatches!


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