Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dare Glitter Set by Anise

This is a set I found at Ross and also saw these at Rue 21, which I think is a "small mall" knock off of Forever 21. (FYI, my mall has the smallest Macy's in the entire chain...maybe I posted this before, but it is kind of funny to me, they have only a Clinique and Lacome counter, no Coach or Dooney Bourke purses and the tiniest petite department on the planet...I mean, I can swing a bottle of nail polish and hit all the displays).

These are kind of a rock 'n' roll tattoo motif, which is kind of cutie patootie. Think how the whole tat culture has not only gone mainstream, but how it has become "cute" for tweens to go shopping for tattoo items. Ah yes, times have changed!

Here is a run down, with all being three coats and no top coats.

Grammy Night

A deep blue/purple purple shimmer base with silver glitter. Enough clarity in the base to have some depth without a murky chunkiness, though you can see there is some "chunk" action going on. Dries a bit like a satin, so a glossy top coat, I feel would enhance this polish, too.

Fame and Fortune

Another teal offering! This one has teal and silver glitter in a bit translucent shimmer base. Bright and sizzling in the sunshine. These greens blow out my camera.


Red leaning purple, or more of bold purple with silver, blue and fuchsia glitter. The base is not to thin to be translucent to the nail, but it also is not to thick so as to be opaque and making the glitter all bumpy and hidden. Nice! Perhaps the perfect storm of glitter and base.

Clubbing on Sunset

Like Fame and Fortune, this one is a bright aqua blue. It is, though a bit more frosty, and the least favorite of the bunch for me. The silver glitter appears to be less densely packed and some is buried in the frostiness. Great color, but as can be seen the balance of glitter and base is a fine art.

All in all the set is a pretty darling one if you like glitter. The tattoo reference, the wings and glitter make me feel like I am a "smart" 12 year old again. "Oooh, tattooos!!!" Smart enough to wait on the battleship across my chest with a pair of dolphins coming out the front, if you know what I mean. ;D

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. All of these are so pretty! I love Grammy Night and Fame and Fortune. I just saw another cute set someone else got from Ross. My Ross is so fail. No cute awesome little sets are ever there. :(

  2. Wow, what a fantastic set! Each color is a winner!

  3. Nice to see these swatched! I've got them in my huge untried pile...

  4. BMR...I think the only reason I am so lucky is that my Ross is in the middle of am in fact, I see a lot of the new CC and other sets.

    GP Yeah! I am a glitter junkie!

    LL...try them! You will rock them! :D

  5. These are great! Too bad I'm in a Ross-free part of the country.

  6. Yeah, I'm in a TJ Maxx free zone, which is a bummer large. So I feel your pain!


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