Thursday, June 23, 2011

A French Kiss From Color Club

I think this will be the last of the big Ross sets for a while now. I've got a few more, but I may have to rename my blog "The Shameless Color Club Plug" or "Ross Anonymous".

This is the collection that I would have absolutely gone stark raving wild over when I was 13. It's got sweet creme bases and enough glitter to drive any kid wild.

All of the cremes are good on coverage and dried beautifully. I probably would have added a lavender to this batch, instead of two pinks, but that's just me. The glitters are all those iridescent kind (in fact Sil Vous Please! is a dead ringer for the Starry Temptress Top Coat, so there you go!)

I played with some variation on the glitters, because it just seemed like it was meant to be that way!

Also note that I am doing these over a light nude base, so you can see it around the edges every now and again.

Pardon My French

The namesake of the collection, and a pretty flattering warm pink, indeed!

No complaints at all, not lots and lots of coverage, not too pale to send my skin tone into the "toasted by the sun" category. No top coat here, and it is very glossy, too! The temptation to add a blue and make this into a lavender still wanders around in my mind...still, it is a good pink!

I then tried a couple of the glitter top coats. The only difference was that the base of one had color, where the other didn't.

Left to right:
Sil Vous Please!
Hot Couture
Sil Vous Please!
Hot Couture

Here are the bottles:

Hot Couture is a pink coral base, that is a bit milky and Sil Vous Please! is a milky base with no actual color.

I Believe in Amour

A bit more on the intense side of the light pink spectrum. Again, no top coat and no complaints. This nicely applying pastel polish is a great concept. It feels like spring!

Then I grabbed the same pair of glitters as above:

Oops! Forgot the exclamation point!

Really similar, just a bit deeper color from Hot Couture.

Oh Naturale

A cozy warm apricot orange. This one has a bit of a coverage issue with the first coat, but after that it really was fine. I feel like this one could be used to make a jelly, not too pasty.

I then tried three glitter top coats:

From left to right:

Sil Vous Please!
Turn The Other Chic
Hot Couture

As you can see from the bottles below, Turn The Other Chic drives it into the orange category and Hot Couture leaves it less so. Sil Vous Please! is just glitter.

Take Me To Your Chateau

A very beautiful light blue. Indeed, this really was a nice surprise! It was so nice with the coverage and dried so well, it surpassed Color Club's Blue Light as my go to light blue!!! Wow! (I've got a comp coming up, too, of a few light blues).

I then topped them with Sil Vous Please! And Hot Couture (I felt Turn the Other Chic on blue would be muddy)

Sil Vous Please! was made for it, Hot Couture is pinkish, but because it is warm leaning, it just doesn't get very exciting!

There you have it! A sweet as honey collection. Perfect for anyone who loves subtle iridescent glitter! The pastels are all very nice, too.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Nice! I wish they'd done something like this with Starry Temptress. That glitter is really popular with np companies. WnW, Sally Hansen, Nubar and Sinful all carry dupes. lol

  2. Yeah, Starry Temptress is a very weird thing. I like the multi combo thing.

  3. Love all the different glitter combos you showed! I have Studio M dupes of a few of these, but not that orange glitter--might have to track that one down if I don't have something close.

  4. Yes, the orange one is unique. They are translucent milky, though, which is odd.
    Probably franken-able, too!

  5. I totally would need to join a Ross Anonymous, I've gotten every single set of CCs at Ross - even the ones I don't like so much, yikes! Plus you know I've gotten a bunch of other sets at Ross... ahem... where do I sign up? Great swatches! I'm going to have to wear that blue sometime soon.

  6. Oh, and I feel you on wanting to turn that first pink into lavender - I get the urge to do the same too!

  7. Thank you for your sweet words on my swatches!
    Yes! Ross is so addictive, I see the Color Club sets, I can not resist them!
    Yeah, a lavender would have totally been a perfect match.


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