Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow!!! No. Really. Wow!!!!

I admit it. When I see the brilliant observation of a fellow enthusiast over a polish, I probably trip over myself to get it.

Some bright angel mentioned that there were multichrome pigments in Urban Decay's Burnout and I knew it would be mine. I never ever see Toxin, so, I figured, I'd at least grab this before it vanished in a flurry, and it vanished, but I got one and a back up. I'm all about the back up. I don't know why, but that is why my stash is so large, if I love a color, why not have two? Am I weird? Probably. Whatever. Right? That's the beauty of nail polish, two is about as cheap as one, and why not have two?

Circular logic aside, I popped on three coats of Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz over white. I've been thrilled with white as a base because it really helps pop not only neons, but translucent colors as well. Very helpful in my enjoyment of jellies and jelly bases.

Truly a beautiful color! The pink/coral glass flecks are really so beautiful suspended in the blue trending purple jelly. Gracious! What a nice color!

I just got Urban Decay's Burnout in the mail and tore it open in the car.

The following are my quickie photos:

(cue choir of angels)

I have to admit that I am a sucker for this kind of thing! :D

I kept staring at my fingers for the rest of the day and was loath to remove it!!!

Excuse the lack of clean up, I'm in a transitional period where I am actually trying to clean up my act. Really. No. Really.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. That close-up photo is super-pretty! Great mani.

  2. How the heck did you find two bottles? Hmph! Jealous!

  3. I sprang over to eBay the night it was posted and there were about 6 international auctions. I didn't really have funds so I waited a day and there were only two left.
    I jumped on them like a starving dog on a scrap. Zero pride. Shameless. Like I fell out of a Bill W. meeting onto a bar stool!

    I know. NuTz!


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