Thursday, June 9, 2011

Color Club Rebel Debutante Collection

Hey Everyone!

I am sorry to jam so many Color Club sets out, but I'm trying to get the final push out on the collections so I can "mix and mingle" them with their similar colors.

I've got a few more coming, a couple I need to redo. And. To be honest, I feel this one probably should be redone. I am not sure, though, maybe the colors just aren't "me".

Three coats each.
No top coats.

Who Are You Wearing

A subtle ivory. Good god, look at those cuticles!! Ack!
I feel like, if you will excuse the aside, I'm totally regressing here, this is why I've been reluctant to post this. I mean, jeeezzzz!
Back to the polish: pretty easy to use and a good base for other polishes. I am not 100% about this on my skintone, though.

She's So Glam

A pink that is sort of a more demure version of Yachty, Yachty, Yadda. They are very close. I like YYY better. When I held the bottles next to each other this one looked more warm by comparison.

Best Dressed List

This is a difficult color to describe. Like a mocha, but with a tera cotta feel. Perhaps some sort of sun drenched tile. I don't know what the fashion world calls it, If I could figure that out, I'd love to know.
It seems to remind me of vintage dresses from the 40's and 50's.
This might be a "nude" on some skin tones, it is close to mine. It does remind me of Sally Hansen Beachy Keen, and some of the polishes in Color Club Haute Browns, but more on the brown side. I like it, I don't have too many colors like it and it's a nice change.

Uptown Girl

A dusty mauve leaning purple. In some light, it almost goes grayish.
A beautiful neutral purple with what feels like a taupe undertone.
A little milky, too.

Charity Ball

I am feeling very charitable toward Charity Ball. I rather like it. It has oomph. Unlike the rest which seem to whither away on my hands, this one has a russet warmth that works.
It has been maligned, though, and is not a popular color. I want to say almost a jelly, too.

High Society

A mousey taupe. I think it is similar to several old Maybellines that I own. It is very beautiful.
Reminiscent of Touch of Taupe seen here.
Perhaps this is actually a "greige" as it leans gray, quite a bit.

Ms. Socialite

A fabulous magenta purple. A little dusky and demure, toned down and tasteful, but really pretty.

What is missing from the Ross set is the deep teal color, Gossip Column, and the hot lime green called, not a bit ironically, Rebel Debutante.
If I had my druthers in putting this together, I'd have dropped She's So Glam and Who Are You Wearing or Uptown Girl and kept the teal and lime in the package. Odd!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Best Dressed List is the winner in this group for me just because it's different.

  2. It is different!
    I think the whole bunch need to be seen on their own, give them some breathing room!

  3. I wish they'd have included the teal instead of Charity Ball. Sorry, don't like it. xD But this is still a good and tempting collection.

  4. I hear Gossip Column is really nice, too!

  5. I love this whole set but definitely wished they'd included the teal as well.

  6. I know, it's so odd they leave out the "money" color!!



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