Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Thank You For My Followers! (And a give away!)

Hi Sweet People!!!
Can I say it one more time? Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!!

This freebie action is only for people who joined as of June 15 (yesterday)

No need to blog it, tweet it, comment on it, face space it, or even tell your neighbor!

Just email me your name that you follow this blog and your email in the body.
In the title put your user name and "Give Away"

One entry per person.

This closes on the 25th at Midnight Pacific time here in the US of A.
It's -8 hours Greenwich mean time (wow I get to use that in a sentence! Hope I capitalized everything right!)

It is open to everyone in the world who is a follower as of the 15th.

I will make a list and use a randomizer.

So, what the heck is the giveaway, anyhow???

One winner will get a Color Club Poptastic Set:

AND a Color Club Flower Power Set:

Both of these are brand new, untouched sets, complete with original packaging.

Thanks again!

Very simple! Just email and I'll draw and let you know!

You guys rock!


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Thank you!
Did I mention I love comments?