Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is It Ever Like The Movies?

I blogged about Gray's Anatomy being a frustrating fail for me in this post. Then I received OPI's It's Not Like The Movies in a swap deal. Woot!

There are two versions that I am aware of. This one, which is lighter and more has more duochrome from what I can tell and I recently saw a darker version, more green and less glittery.

To the pix:

Here you can see the green/pink flash combo of the duochrome.

Here you can see how shiny it actually is, that is my camera reflecting in the left there.

A little more of the green, which is a particularly nice, as I love this kind of green: a little bit like a tide pool.
Honestly? If I were OPI and I created this color, I would have used it for the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. MUCH more of a "strange tide"!

Then it turns into this pink foil-y finish with some glitter pops! Hello! Wow!!

In shadow you can see the glitter and you can also se that it is a bit of an olive green and the pink is more demure.

This is three coats, and I will say that there was some sheerness, but the subtle duochrome payoff and glitz in the sunshine really offset any issues I had.

Win-tastic! I still think this is more of a Pirate polish than any of the pastels used for the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great photos of this one! I agree it's more pirate-y than what they put in that collection. I was hoping the Pirates colors would make more sense to me after I saw the movie, but nope, they don't. How great it would have been to get a duochrome like the mermaid's scales!

  2. Oh man! I hear you!!!
    Mermaid scales and gold bullion and dead men tell no tales glassy glitters.

    I would have been all over that collection! :D

  3. Ah, I ordered this one because of you. *shakes fist*

  4. :) Hehehe!
    Of course I take this as a great complement!! Thank you!!


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