Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank You For Smok'n - In Havana That Is!

I received this from a swap deal and really am glad I got it! I probably wouldn't have purchased it because I have a lot of these sorts of colors, but on the other hand I have really nothing like this:

OPI Smok'n in Havana

It is a dusky red that is, again, shot through with gold. Wow! Total payoff!
Never really orange, but implies warmth, really a beaut!

Here is a close up:

It was a sun drenched afternoon and the gold really was the star of the show. Pow! Pow!

Three coats, zero complaints about the formula. I love OPI when it is right.

Thank you for reading my little nail journal!


  1. Yeah! Kind of a polish that was not on my radar, but a nice surprise!


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