Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skin Tight Denim

I had such a bad time with the New York Color Extra Shiny Top coat (I blogged about it here) that I have been avoiding this brand in general.
There were so many crackles, meaning that it looked like shattered glass after a few days of wear. Not the shatter/crackle trend we all know and love, but just a broken glass effect that was a bummer as a top coat.

I had to get Skin Tight Denim because it is a pretty legendary color.

This was taken on a spring day with no sunshine at all. This is a deep cobalt blue, leaning navy-ish. There is a shimmer finish, which is visible on the left finger, but the background here shows up in the glossiness, so it hides it. Perhaps the somewhat lighter cousin of Sally Hansen Navy Baby.

Difficult to fault this polish! This is three coats, but after two there was very nice coverage. This is my left hand, as my right has a break,  and so application requires I rest my hand on something, and I didn't do that here. I also didn't have my clean up brush handy, so it kind of is rough around several edges.

I also wanted to try to see how it would look with a layering coat and grabbed WetnWild Hard Rock Pretty in Pink Diamonds

Not sure why I grabbed this color to layer.

Here is a close up:

I was trying to go for the effect of lapis and gold.

Not entirely sure if this was a big success story for layering, but, I feel like it was an "at bat" kind of thing. I imagine, in retrospect, had I grabbed a flakie it would have been a "wow" kind of thing, versus a "well, not too bad..." kind of thing.


Thank you for reading my nail polish journey, er, journal!



  1. I always look at that Wet N Wild and think how pretty it would be on its own, but I wonder how many coats I'd need!

  2. I bet with a nail bed color below, it is 3-4 coats.
    Of course I am probably in denial and it is more like seven.


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