Sunday, May 29, 2011

Presenting: A Rainbow

Good ol' Sally Hansen!

I found Rainbow Presents on eBay a while back and it is gorgeous.

I'm not a SH Prism's collector or an expert, but this blog: appears to be the most authoritative on the topic.
In a word: wow!

I guess, on that note, I've got a "Canadian Exclusive" and I am thinking Rainbow Presents is another version of Garnet Lapis Turquoise Opal. But, I don't have Garnet Lapis Turquoise Opal to compare(it's in the "way too expensive category" on eBay). Every photo I see of Garnet Lapis Turquoise Opal only vacillates between a blue and a purple. I've yet to see one (post the link if you've got it) of it's full range.

Well, here's some full range...witness!

This is two coats over black in the sunshine. Typical Sally Hanson "Patience is a Virtue" formula.

I could see a bit of a green, but really couldn't quite get it, so the most I got was this ochre color at the end.

Sorry, no bottle shot, mine is a bit "from the trenches" with a cracked top and some blue polish dripped onto it.

Truly a smashing shade of polish! I only paid $6.99 for mine, so if you are browsing on eBay and see it, you may want to casually snap it up, it's a worthy polish to own.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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