Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink with Pink Shimmer

Hidden shimmer is a fun finish. You've got creme, but the creme shows through and is a co-star with shimmer, when it pops up.

Princessa no-name:

Seriously bad formula, though. This is a pretty pink with a gorgeous warm shimmer, a bit more iridescent and warm than this photo. The pink base is very pretty, in some light it looks like the inset, in others it looks like the main photo.

What is soooooo frustrating is that after using almost 1/2 of a 10ml or so bottle, I still have yet to get this formula to dry. Whatever base or topcoat I use, it will not dry, but either remains gummy, or turns into a sheet of plastic on top an slides off revealing a gummy mess below. Wow. Epic fail.

The the formula here seems to chew up the black plastic that is in the cap, if it gets on the bottle threads, and little black pieces fall off and get into the brush and onto the nail.

I've blogged about another polish in the pack:
and it seemed to be fine. I love the little bottles, they are oddly wonky and rippled yet the gold cap is very sweet.

I love this color, the shimmer is really similar to the red and orange of an opal, the base, though, is a gummy mess.

So, if you see those brown square boxes of Princessa, be aware that there is a real mix in them. Very odd. Yet, very beautiful.
I still would love to find another polish like this in pink. Most of my pinks are pretty bland. The only reason I hang onto this one is in hopes of being able to make it work. It might be a franken experiment to add that kind of shimmer and it may be the use of a SH Opal to do it. Hmmmm.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. It is so odd, like formula from hell!!!

  2. Ooh, so pretty. I'm really starting to get into the milky looking polishes. Too bad about the frightful formula.

  3. It is a tragedy!

    I am thinking of letting it evaporate and putting Poshe' Restore in it...sort of an experiment....hehe.



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