Friday, May 6, 2011

Color Club Yacht Club Collection

A perfect for summer set of polishes.

These came from Ross in a pack with a top coat or a base coat, I can't recall, perhaps a 60 Second top coat, which is more like 80 or 90 seconds when it comes right down to it.

These are all taken with a pair of color corrected lamps. All are three coats.

Naughtycal Navy

Delightful navy, very clean, very clear. You can see on my middle finger a ring of the first coat on the top edge.
Deep creme with enough dark yet still, you can see the blue.


This is my left hand, please excuse the booboo!
Sexsea is quite a zingy warm red. It conked out my white balance and I look a little tanned because of it and the red is blown out. This is close, so rather than fix my skin tone, I left it so the color could come through.
No complaints here, it is a wonderful warm red, perfect for a summer day.

Regatta Red

Regatta Red, I have read over the last year, is a very close color to OPI's Dutch Tulips. I do not, however have this color to compare. I think in real life this color is a tad less "true red" and more pink red leaning. It seems to have blown my camera's mind. It is more pink, however, nothing to suggest anything other than red. I will have to redo this collection in the sun, after seeing this one.

Coastal Creme

A perfectly pale apricot creme. Solid coverage a perfect neutral. In many ways almost a nude. Perhaps for someone a lot more pale than I am, however!

Yachty, Yachty, Yadda

A very nice and, for me, flattering pink. I rarely wear light pink because it is so hard to get it right with my skin tone, but this one works!


I love this magenta leaning hot pink a lot. I scored an extra bottle in the All About Color set. I do love this shade of pink in general, gets me in touch with my inner diva somehow.

OK, there you have it!

I will conclude by saying that if you are just starting out with basic nail colors, these are all the ones to have. All were easy to apply, dried fast, and have a good representation in the color family that they are in. They are also crisp and clean and beautiful.

This is a set that cries out to be reswatched with some serious sunshine. File under reblog!

I guess my lighting is still a work in progress.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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