Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Color Club Musique Collection

I am trying to go through several Color Club collections that I've acquired at good ol' Ross. The idea is to meld them into the color organization master plan! :D

Here is one of my favorite collections: Musique.

I first saw it on PolishAddict.com, a blog that first beguiled me into the world of nail polish, and figured I'd buy a few. Then it showed up at Ross. Yay!

Again, the Color Club formula was a full on win, the colors are beautiful rich.

I am three coats on all of them as well as no top coats. They are all shimmers and all are quite beautiful, not too fine to consider them frosty, which is a blended line in some regards.

I first took photos beneath a lamp, then reswatched outside in the spring sunshine.

Feel The Beat

A rich orange that is tinged red.

This is really a bit more orange than in these photos. You can feel the flashing lights in a dance club in this whole collection and this one is no different. Warm, pulsing, bass bashing it out as you dance yourself silly.
I'm down with that!

Velvet Rope

An eye poppin' red. In the sun it comes up a bit more blue, indoors you can see the sparkle a bit better.
This one also has a hidden glassy glitter:

Very nice, indeed! I may have to get some of these polishes together for a comparison, I seem to have a number of them.


I grew up on these tunes, from Devo to The Orb, what is not to love?
This polish has a bright navy (blurple-ish) base with bright blue and magenta shimmer particles mixed in. I own three bottles and am not sure if I have other ones similar to this...hmmm...another comp on the "to do" list.

Groove Thang

Groove Thang is a bit mercurial. Full on!
Indoors it plays vamp, foil and frost in turns, depending on the lighting.
Outdoors you can see these bright shimmer particles kicking up in the sun and going "nah, nah, nah, I'm no vamp!"
Almost franken-esque!
A true purple, on the warm side of the plate, but luuuuvely, too.

Slow Jam

Pardon the sploooch, I was so quick with the swatch it really wasn't completely dry and I got it on the door knob.
This is the other changeling in the batch, somewhat brown in the bottle (so brown that I thought it was a brown) then so plummy and beautiful on the nail. I categorize this as a brownish red, but almost a purple feel, very unusual. That golden rich shimmer when it hits the sun is a marvelous surprise!

After Hours

Deep charcoal with shimmer that is reminiscent of wet pavement, sort of like 4am and you've just realized you have run out of places to go on a wet Seattle night.
I have a thing for charcoal gray shimmers because I think I've got at least three or four, so I should do a little comparison, since it's a pretty finite bunch instead of red or pink, for example.

Well, there you have it! A beautiful shimmer collection.
They are more winter or autumn colors, but the sun loves them. There are colors like Electronica and Slow Jam that are really amazing, then there are things like Velvet Rope, with that subtle glitter.

Having said that, when you amass as big of a collection as I've got with as many untrieds as I have, I'm embarrassed to say that I can't put a finger on the dupes that may be out there. So much for the helpful blogger, eh?
But, I will say that if you don't have things like Electronica and Slow Jam, for sure those are pretty amazing, for the formula and color and price point alone, not saying that there aren't purples like that, I just haven't gotten around to my purple drawers with gusto yet. I think Velvet Rope is kind of "out there" in other forms, as well as After Hours - and perhaps I will just throw out that Misa perhaps might be the "go to" on this shade from a couple of collections, but will add, that the old Orlane gray shimmer is a pretty one, too (It's blogged here, my only Orlane tag)

Off the top of my head, I can not figure a dupe of Feel the Beat, though Groove Thang may be something that is out there and I just can't pinpoint it.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal! If  you know of dupes for these, post them. I'm interested.


  1. The Musique Collection looks awesome! :) Thanks for sharing the swatch pics! I love finding Color Club sets at Ross! :)

  2. We have no Ross here. :( But we do have Meijer, which has Studio M, so I have some of these colors just in a different bottle (some even have the same names, like Electronica & Groove Thang & After Hours).

  3. It is so weird how they change them up regionally in some companies.



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