Monday, April 25, 2011

Yellow For Spring Loud and Quiet

Yellow, I've only got a few.  It's a hot color this spring. Not an easy color to wear, either.

First a couple of dupes across time and continents...

Sally Hansen Cool It Frost

Three coats in an old Sally Hansen bottle. Frosty/Shimmer, with some marigold feel. This makes my fingers look a bit on the red side of things.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled out and Elle Elle 432 (a European brand)

Three coats

A little brighter, but so similar that when I put them on to compare them....

I had to recall that the Elle Elle had bubbled on one finger.

So from left to right:
Cool It Frost
Cool It Frost

Cool It Frost is a tad more sheer, but I think they are so similar that I don't need that many yellows of such high decibles!!

I feel like these are so bright that they are really shouting.  Of course there's never a problem with a good old holler now and then.

Back to a more demure version of yellow...

OPI's Megawatt?!

Three coats. A very subtle yellow. Although its name is kind of strangely the opposite.

I think this is a more flattering yellow on me.
It's old school formula, too, so it is good and stinky.

Reminiscent of the Princessa Picking on Waikiki, in a way, too. I hadn't thought about it until now...

Hmm...well, there you go!

Next we see a more LOUD yellow!!!

Sally Hansen White Gold Chrome

Faintly yellow, entirely luscious. I think with a bit of a bronze shimmer layering coat, I might be happy calling this a "close enough" to Chanel's Kaleidoscope to make me happy.

This is shot with a lamp, in the sun it just pops.

Last but not least, a quiet trip down retro lane.

This should say "lamp" but I really flubbed editing it.

This one is Stylish Frost, by Sally Hansen. In another old bottle.

Mustard is on the list of hot yellows for spring. Perhaps even since 2010 it's been out and about. 2011 for spring on the runway - my browse through Getty Images and NYT - showed intensity as well. This is subtle and intense.

Veeeery 1970's, too. In an odd way it is also very 1990's. I had a skirt this color in the early 90's. Funny how cut makes the difference, not color.

Here is a flash shot to show the shimmer that is very subtle in the creme base:

This is why I pass on camel polishes, one in this family is enough for me!

Just a smattering of yellows for tasty sunny spring days!

Thank you for reading my nail polish journal!!


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