Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Grays

Gray. We love it. Why? Heck if I know! Gray is a unique neutral, meaning, to me, that it isn't your typical beige, pink or red.

Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray

What is not to love? Blue tinged creme that took three coats and shines like a super star!
Sally Hansen's Complete Win!

Orly Bon Bon

Quiet, workmanlike, and a delightful lavender tinged gray. This if four coats, but Orly's formula is forgiving to work with and dried very nicely! This is a great "office ok" polish, too.
Additionally it built up enough so that I didn't need to worry about my stained nail beds coming through, or wearing a "lingerie" underneath.
When this bottle first arrived, I really was totally let down, I thought it was a lavender. It's been sitting in the lavender drawer as a redheaded step-child for a long while. Now that it's in the grays, it's "with its people" and pops out as a fun polish with neutral aspirations!

Two wins and a not-so win? Well, part of this process is to go through everything I've got and see how it works for me. Might work for someone else, but not me.

This is LDL or Elle Elle, from one of those nine-packs. It is #413. It's very sheer and the base trends a teeny bit green. I'm such a stickler for greens, normally I'd file it with those, but this one is an odd duck.

It is a frost, and I thought how pretty it was in the bottle...

as compared to how icky it was on my hands...

It even has these small charcoal colored particles that are quite strange.

Truly odd. It also is frosty, and I've got a Color Club from their Catwalk Queen collection that has that same red/pink (Ready To Wear) which keeps me happy in that regard.

This is three coats, and that gray with a pink tint is appealing, but I really found this one to not work for me. Perhaps it's a formula "thing" and the finish isn't really up my ally. Of course some day frosts will be all the rage and I'll have regretted being so mean to them!

You can't win them all!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I love Gray by Gray. Even if I don't get the name.

  2. Me either, lol! :D

    I think it's "Day by Day" or something, but....why?

    Who knows!!!

  3. Bon Bon is sooo pretty, but 4 coats completely turns me off, lol! The frosty one actually looks gorgeous in the 2nd photo.

  4. I know, four coats, it's crazy, but it works.

    I am such a patsy for these!

    I should give the poor gray another shot, better lighting and a fair shake!


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