Sunday, May 1, 2011

Navy Holographic Franken

I love navy, it's so clarifying on my skin.

Here is a franken that has been going around on the Makeup Alley board for a few weeks. A poster named JiLoverz posted some amazing photos in March of a purple holo franken and I really was excited to try it.

I mixed about 2-3/5ths of a bottle of Nocturne with about a tablespoon amount of Pink Rose Diamond then added some clear.

I think that I need more holo and perhaps a tad bit more clear.

This is really navy, the original was perhaps made with a darker Pink Rose Diamond, I used the lighter version.

Also, photographing holos is a challenge for me, this was no exception.

I love that it is truly blue, not purple or blurple.

I used an old Maybelline square bottle and only filled about a third of it, it was a spur of the moment franken.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

Well, Gotham Polish - a great little nail blog with some stellar swatches and some killah photoshop skills - asked me what I am calling this. I just thought, heck, I'll call it:

Gotham Nights



  1. *___*

    This is so beautiful.
    More holo and jelly-goodness would only add to its beauty.

  2. This is a gorgeous franken!!! Did you name it?

  3. Oh cool! I should peruse MUA. Just the layout makes me a bit x.o...

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Gotham, I will call it Gotham Nights in your honor! :D

    PGJ...yeah, that old "snappy board" format is pretty hilarious, but there are so many inspiring pix!


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