Sunday, April 17, 2011


I really do have a lot of nudes. One half a helmer drawer. Indeed these are that peachy/pink/beige color that is similar to a nail bed or the palm of ones hand. When I look at them I immediately click through in my brain that they are for base coats or when I need nails that are invisible.

Enter Sparitual to change it up on me. Meet Drift Away.

First you think, ah, normal nude (again, what is nude? It varies.) that is a little light on me.

Then you shift your hand and the shimmer hidden there does its thing:

Oh! Nice! Blue shimmer!

Very beautiful. It does want to be a lavender in some light in the bottle, and for the longest time it's been languishing in those drawers - soon to be organized and blogged one hopes - but I pulled it out and it really goes nude on the nail.

This was shot with one color corrected light, so I do apologize for the dimness of these photos. I also had a smudge on one nail, and wanted to catch a photo before I removed it.

I've reswatched it twice and the sun seems to blow out the shimmer and the color corrected lamps seem to bring out the shimmer, but drops it down into a darker base. Truly an enigmatic polish. Still, I love it.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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