Friday, April 15, 2011

Revving Up a Holo!

When holographic goes right, there's no reason not to love it, at least in my estimation.

Indoor with lights



This is three coats of Color Club Revv'd Up and two coats of Sally Hansen Purple Diamond.

Revv'd Up came in an unlabeled set called All About Color. A little sleuthing around the interwebz and I figured it out. (Much gratefulness to Lacquerlove - Another Bottle of Polish blog for her assistance! My boxes were unlabeled and post-shoplifter reorganized!)

Here is a bottle shot:

Notice how plum colored it is around the edges? It's a beautiful polish.

Sally Hansen Purple Diamond, well, I could wax on forever about it. It's purple, it's holo, it's got some kick bootee holographic payoff. Score! I found nothing at my Dollar Tree when these first hit the stores, so I got some off of eBay. 

Last but not least:
More sunshine!

Truly a pleasure to wear this polish!

Thank your for reading my little nail polish journal! 


  1. Such a great combination! I'm drooling at Purple Diamond because my Dollar Tree didn't have that one either. Gorgeous!

  2. I think if you have a rose diamond and add a bit of a blue purple jelly to it, you might have something like it.
    For some reason I have pulled all my holos and put them in a Melmer drawer and it's kind of invigorating to see them all together!

  3. On the one hand, this is great! On the other hand, 5 coats??

  4. Yeah, I had Revv'd Up on w/three coats, then did two of the holo.

    Probably a lot in retrospect, but at the time it worked out.


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