Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

...and they lived Happily Ever After:

This is by Orly, it came in 2009's Once Upon a Time collection.

Here is three coats of warm magenta. It looks like a creme at a distance, but up close it has a delightful shimmer:

The shimmer is sort of fuchsia an pink.

I hesitated to post this swatch because I am really unhappy with the photo. It's my camera and lighting and this winter, as it finally has gone, has been hard for me to get the right photos. I think I have enough light, but not enough control over it. This is becoming the side note on my blog, since it is largely photos, and I really think that there is a limit to my camera, too. Good news, the days are longer and the sun is a good friend to taking pictures. Still, I need to work this out and I apologize for a fuzzy photo.

Back to the polish...I love this color, so rich. Though it truly is a fall color, with our late spring and cloudy days, it is hard not to feel that it fits right in.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!


  1. I love it. I've decided that things that look like cremes but have a secret shimmer are my favorite. That and foils... and duochromes. :B

    But I don't buy into the general attitude that colors belong to specific times of the year. I say wear what you want whenever it makes you happy.

  2. Yeah, I'm in love with foils and shimmers, too!

    I have been wearing so many mid to dark colors of late...our spring is laaate, too. It snowed today.




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