Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Layering...Lavender Sky

First: no, I didn't fall off the bandwagon on the Sally Hansen Opals! They are coming soon! I had finished up the last four or five, but it was winter and my lighting was horrible.

What brought up this reminder to myself? Sally Hansen Lavender Sky.

Alone, it is pale murkitude that is highly forgettable. Over black - here WetnWild Black Creme - it reveals a duochrome of purple and teal-ish blue.

I confess that the formula was a bit touchy, and it took some patience to get it all to dry.

Also, I think you could run the Kentucky Derby on that gap I've got between my cuticles and the polish!
Holy cow! 0.o

I am not sure I'd buy this one again, since I've got a ton of SH Opals. The Sally Hansen Prisms have caused a stir. There are some bloggers that have collected these. I am primarily interested in the darker ones right now. I do like the holos a lot. A. Lot!

Thank you for reading my murky little nail polish journal!!!

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