Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Decisions and Polish Purchases and Color Shifting Purples

When I first started ordering polish online at a particular etailer, they had some named Sation that I kept looking at the brand over and over again. I might take one and put it in the cyber cart, then pluck it out and wait for another time.

One color in particular, Sation Violet Blue 40, did experience this selection/rejection cycle several times before I finally purchased it.

My issue with purchasing purples online is that they tend to photograph on the blue side, I usually end up with something a bit of a reddish/plummy purple. I was just going through purples and grouped them as "light" "red purple" "blue or regular purple" until I can further delve into it. I've got a load of reddish purples because of this photographic shift. Not that I'm complaining, but it's just an observation. I realize, though, that I have a lot of purples. Three helmer drawers full. I could do a month of purples. Hmmm...I could do a year of purple. As  much as I love purple, that would make me wacky after a while.

Sation really looked like a true purple online, but in fact it has that reddish tinge. I thought Violet BLUE might indicate blueness. Not so.

Witness, Sation Violet Blue 40

Here are four coats. It's frosty, but a little on the shimmer side of things. I feel like it's put on a costume and said "I want to play with the foils for a while!"

This is what the bottle looks like:

Hmmm...not so blue, you player!

The polish itself was pretty sheer on the first coat, but did build to some decent coverage. I think it's a nice color. The polish also was a major stinkfest, though, I am not sure what chemistry was used, but it is three free, so that's the upside there! 

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. My goodness, I have quite a few Sations too - I should wear them, huh? This one's pretty, but 4 coats? Um... no...

  2. Yeah, I keep trying to get them opaque and am thinking that some of these polish makers just need to add more pigment!


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