Monday, April 11, 2011

I Joined The Navy To See The Sea, What Did I See?

Here are a trio quick navies that I really wanted to try for a looooong time. In fact these date back to at least a year or so ago that I got them.

First up:

Borghese Mezzanotte Blue

It was very hard to really show the jelly nature of this polish. It is very dark, but as you can see it still has that glowing quality about it. Perhaps I'm a little optimistic about my photos! :D
Here it is three coats and after two it really gets very dark.

Normally I've found with Borghese that it tends to take a lot of coats to get coverage, at least with the ones I have, but this was easy! I also like Borghese's brush a lot.

Next up is Sally Hansen Xtreme Frost

Three coats of shimmer that is deep blue set in a black jelly base. It is three coats here, but two was fine. The shimmer is the star here, it pops and snaps in the black base. I wish there was sunshine because that shimmer fires up very nicely, indeedy! It feels like a black/blue, and more sombre because of it.

It did dry well, and was very easy to apply. Nice job, Sally Hansen!

Finally a more recent Sally Hansen, Navy Baby:


This one I can not say if it made it into the new bottles that are the Complete Manicure bulbous ones or not, but this was one of the older square bottles.

This is three coats and it is rather wonderful, a bit brighter, even under my indoor lights, which is always nice in a polish. Not that I dislike vamps, it's just hard indoors to see the colors.

Oooh aaaah!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

(PS Flickr is dinking around with my ability to copy just the image code and seems to want all of the Flickr code, which makes editing photos on the page a bit hectic for me, I hope the photos display correctly and aren't all too big!)


  1. That New Lengths one is really nice; I haven't seen that one before. How would you say it compares to Navy Baby?

  2. Hi!
    I would say it's darker, that the shimmer needs more sun to bring it out.

  3. I have that Borghese untried and never realized it's a jelly. Gorgeous!

  4. It is awesome!!
    I think it's as nice for frankening as WnW Nocturne.

    Was it you who made the navy holo?

  5. I had seen Navy Baby in the new bottles, but not recently, so I wonder if it's been discontinued? I also have it in the old square bottle and love it. I don't like colors that look black indoors, I want them to be like Navy Baby, dark but you can tell it's blue...or for other dark colors that you can tell it's green, or brown, etc.

  6. Oh and you just never know what you're getting with Borghese. I have light colors that I expected to need 3 or 4 coats at least for opacity and instead it's nearly opaque in one (with a bald spot or two). On the other hand I'm wearing Capri Coral right now and have three coats and still have vnl, this is a medium coral that certainly looks pigmented in the bottle, but somehow isn't. I love the formula on Borghese polishes, I have so many others that just like to bubble on me and Borghese doesn't.

  7. Yes, I totally agree about the opacity of Borghese, it is hit or miss.

    But, I do love their formula and the brush, oh that lovely brush!!

    I wish the bottles weren't shaped the way they are, trying to get the last drops of base coat out of them is a challenge!



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