Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paris in April

Here is Zoya's Paris:

A dreamy three coater that is truly a shiny beauty. All of my swatches are most of the time without a top coat. This one looks so nice that it seems to have a built in top coat!

I really love this formula, I did have trouble in the past with chipping, but feel that if I am careful with the base coat, I am ok. 


It's very raisin colored, leaning brownish purple. Quite beautiful.

I then grabbed a holo top coat, Sally Hansen Pink Rose Diamond, and put a couple coats on. This was the lighter of the two (there is a deeper version and a pale version)

Turns out it looks like a dark brown holo! Holy nail wha...?? NICE!

These are all taken with a lamp, and the sun never really came out the following day, so these are the best photos I have! Sometimes, as I learn, holos don't do great in direct light, but oblique light and even partial shadow. I still think it's my eye versus the camera's. In the sun, it's all out fab, but our spring is so punky this year. gah!

And thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!!


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