Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mint Frostiness

Here is an L.A. Girl minty green that is a frost.

It's three coats, but probably could have used a fourth. I like that this is a green mint versus a blue mint.

I am not sure what it is called, as the bottom of the bottle has no tag, this one fell off and I can't find it! I did, however look over the L.A. Girl website, and believe it is called Green Satin. Yes, I'll agree that it's satin-like, but much more like a frost.

This is three coats and probably could have used a fourth.
It wears pretty well, but it did take a little bit of nursing to get it to dry.

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  1. Where do you pick up your LA Girl polishes? The only place I've seen any is at Five Below, but they only had the Rock Star polishes. I think some of the polishes at Forever 21 are either made by LA Girl or at least dupes of them. (I think LA Girl and LA Color manufacture polishes for a bunch of stores, Forever 21, Urban Outfitter, Hot Topic, etc.) I really hate online ordering and would rather hold the bottles in my hands and see how the light hits the colors, and it just seems like those little dots of color they use on websites aren't very good representations of the colors anyway.

  2. You know, that wouldn't surprise me at all.

    I got mine through the L.A. Girl website and it was a wing and a prayer on the colors. They have photos of the tops of the bottles, so you really can NOT see how they will look on your nail. I did a gray based blue shimmer that was super sheer. I've also got another green that is a dark pine shimmer in a blackish base, but it is just shimmer and won't build.
    It is odd, but some are unique.
    Oh, I've got one that is a dupe of Orly's Fantasea as well.

    In other words: L.A. girl basic line is a crap shoot. LOL!

  3. Yep, that's frosty. :) Looks like one of those that requires a really steady hand to apply.

  4. Yes! It is very brushstrokey!

    It's my only frosty mint, which means it's unique and I've got to keep it!

    Think how crazy I'd make myself if I reorganized my collection by finish, then color!
    Oh the possibilities!


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