Monday, March 7, 2011

Green Eyed Monster

Zoya Envy: a really great dark green!

Here I've got three coats going on and I love it.  It is a dark, but not tooooo dark green. There is a  tendency to be warm. It feels almost like a dark rainforest green, perhaps shadows of the Amazon dripping with poisonous snakes, eye-licking bees, and stealthy jaguars. (I just read a book about an explorer who was lost in the Amazon - I might survive with a dozen cans of raid, a bug net, and...oh, let's face it, I'd be freaking out)

This is also a great frankening green. It imparts darkness and greenness. Not blue, which can be troublesome.

It also has a secret shimmer!

I just browsed the Zoya website and they call this a creme, but it really does have some delicious light-catching shimmer in  it, which is a beautiful thing in a dark polish.

I did have chipping issues, I am going to work on this, because I was using a cheap base coat that was a combo of several leftovers poured into one bottle. I have been told that their Color Lock system is very good for stopping chips, but I've also been told that a couple other options may work as well. I guess my only issue is that I have so many base/top coats that I hate to buy more. Worse, I hate having to remember what I should wear with what brand. This also goes for shrinkage issues, too. This, however, isn't the only polish I have to work on "special" application with, so I realize it's just part of the territory of nail polish chemistry. Am I the Lucy van Pelt of nail polish? Am I fussy? Probably. Moving on!

I purchased one bottle in the recycle program Zoya was running and prior to that I received one when they were running a green special for six free greens. I love it, as it has creme and shimmer combined.

Great job Zoya!!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Hmmm... another that is languishing in my stash! Gorgeous!

  2. You would kill it!!
    I love that little secret shimmer, total bonus!


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