Friday, March 4, 2011

Layering A-Go-Go

Last year I wore Sally Hansen's Mint Sprint and labored over a good photo. Plus I did some layering!

For a flashback, check it out here.

I love the Insta Dry polishes by Sally Hansen, in many ways I have overcome the brush issues, and almost wish she'd come out with better colors. I was at the store and saw a new collection of pretty dull colors.

Here is Mint Sprint, layered again, with Silver Lining, also Sally Hansen. I wore this on a lark, then thought, dawwwwg, I need to blog this!!

You can see the silver particles as well as the shimmer on the right, with the signature blue flash that makes Silver Lining a really cool layering polish!

Here is the bottle shot, and I must say that better lighting makes it look much more true to life.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Oooh, that's pretty! I wonder if it'll come out the same if you franken it together. I'm not a big fan of Mint polishes but I do love this one combination.

  2. Hi BMR!
    I am guessing if you added some clear to the mix, it might show the silver up a little better. Just a guess, though, because that Sprint Mint is pretty thick and creamy, so it might just bury the shimmer.


  3. nice blog!
    maybe you can visit and follow mine too? :)

  4. I agree that this wouldn't make a good franken, if you franken with glitters or shimmers then you'd probably want to use a jelly (or other glitters or shimmers). A creme would bury all the pretties.

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I just picked up Silver Lining a couple of days ago. On another blog someone mentioned that the entire Sally Hansen collection with Hidden Treasure was showing up at Ocean State Job Lot stores. So there I was checking it out at the one near my sister's house...and nothing. I double checked behind and around everything in the cosmetics department, but no luck. So then I went looking for a shower curtain and some other random stuff and out in the middle of nowhere...*the clouds part and angels descend on rays of sunlight*...there it was! With electrical tape, candles, wash cloths, etc surrounding it, a full display! That's right, nowhere near the cosmetics aisle. I got both Hidden Treasures and a few other shades including Silver Lining! They were only $2 a piece, can you tell I'm pretty happy about this find? lol

  5. SCORE!!!

    *cue angels with their harps!!!*

    I love HT and SL for layering!!!


  6. Thank you!
    And thanks for the inspo on nail art!


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