Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Unknown Knight

When I first was into nail Polish, I meandered into Ross and found this set of polishes in a circular container and the name was Knight. I don't recall the first name, it was a woman, and it's out of the UK.

They have no names, no identifying numbers. Very odd. I haven't seen them again, either. Weird.

Here are the three I have kept and like the formula.

The first:

A berry red that feels like a jelly. Gorgeously glossy, not a jelly, though, but nice.

Next up:

A red purple, like a raspberry, with  a fine silver shimmer. Nice!


This is similar to the WetnWild I'd posted recently. Lots of blue shimmer in this reddish purple base. A bit of balding at the base, or as they call it "cuticle pull", but really, it just goes bald when the brush pulls up. Bummer.

All three dried very nicely, and were easy to apply. I can't speak to wear, but once before when I wore the first one it chipped rather early, but that may have been the top coat, which was an old Maybelline.

Nice! I love the raspberry with the sparkle the best, it's the most unique of the three, and I've got nothing like it.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!

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