Friday, February 25, 2011

Sub Par Lime?

I am in the process of purging, perhaps I got too many polishes too fast. OK. No worries. But, nothing goes to donation without me trying it on.

Here's one that looked pretty neat in the bottle, but once on it was too frosty and sheer - a fatal combination - to do much with.

To me it is a pale spring yellow, which on its face should be very beautiful, but not really sure about it. Frosts are creeping back into style. Add to the fact that a lot of companies call stuff that is more shimmery than frosty a "frost" makes it all the more difficult for people like me to really know finishes.
They call this a creme!

Four coats and that famous Sally Hansen Old School Slow Drying Formula! *wink*

Seriously, though, it's really a unique color, but it bubbles and it is probably a "pass" if you see this on eBay or in the Dollar Tree.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal.


  1. 4 coats + slow drying... yup, no go. I really need to go through my older stuff and get rid of what I don't want too. Where do you donate yours?

  2. The local university has a little student volunteer program that works with a senior center doing manicures for the elderly residents.

    This polish, though, I'll probably dump and save the mixing balls. I wouldn't want to visit its bad drying karma on anyone! hehe!!



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