Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Layering Days, Layering Grays

I have this very pretty and unusual L.A. Girl polish, with no label on the bottom. (It's lost somewhere, and I wish I could find it!)

It's a pretty periwinkle blue shimmer - and lots of it - in a medium gray jelly base. When I first put this on it took about five coats to get any sort of coverage, and I got horrible bubbling. It was not really much coverage here with three coats.

Hmmmm.....Layering polish!!!

Here's another L.A. Girl polish called Reflections:

A pretty chrome - that is actually more blue in real life - with a pretty shimmer sparkle coming through. Three coats here, and I wondered if it would be a layering polish. Lots of fine shimmer, not tooooo frosty.

I used Sally Hansen Steel Creme, a gray that is light medium, and very similar to the base L.A. Girl unlabeled polish.

Not a bad combo!

Here are the layering results.

Both make a perfect layering polish. You can see the blue shimmer on a medium gray is perfect. Even the blue/gray shimmer on the left is more shimmery as a layering top coat. I love Sally Hansen Steel Gray, but it does take four coats.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. That blue/grey shimmer is wonderful layered! I've never seen LA Girls bottles like that.

  2. It is pretty neat, as I sort through my blues, I see that this is pretty nice and full of shimmer.


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