Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Shimmer

I wish I loved creme polishes as much as I love shimmers.

Aside from the multichromes, duochromes, interference, and glassy shimmers that I adore, I also have a soft spot for those polishes with a base in one color and a shimmer in another color.  Not a secret shimmer, but a brasses out, "find the base if you can!" kind of shimmer.

Here are a couple!

First up Eggplant Frost by WetnWild

They may call it frost, but it's a royal blue shimmer in a red-purple base that is pretty fun! This was applied with my right hand, as I have two breaks on the right, so application isn't perfect.
No more piecrust promises of learning cleanup. I may try to do it, but I am sure I'll be just as uncoordinated with a cleanup brush as I will be with a polish brush.

Next up is China Glaze's Tempest

This has a more blue-violet base with that same royal blue shimmer in a stand out performance! In this one the delicate purple base is like a back up group that echos the front man, unlike the WnW above, which is more counterpoint (I think of a little tit for tat in an old Jazz number from the pre-Swing era)

Both applied very well, dried beautifully and wore very nicely!

Thank you for reading my nail polish journal!

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