Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave

I picked up Sinful's A Night At The Barbados because I liked the color and when I read the name I thought of people trying to figure out a name for this polish. And failing. Flailing?

It's pretty much a weak sister of a polish on its own, pretty blah-tastic, really. Very sheer, that crunchy kind of sheer that makes you want to ask the chemical engineer who formulated it: why!?!?!

So, I put it over WetnWild Black Creme. If I may digress a bit, this is one awesome polish! How is it that for just one measly dollar (or less if it's on sale!) can you get a nearly perfect one coat black polish?

Back to the swatches.

The nice thing about AN@TB (is it a hotel? A resort? If you were on an island wouldn't it be "in" the Barbados? This bugs me, as you can tell!) is that it's a beautiful blue/purple duochrome!

To wit:

First we have this delicious teal blue.

Then there is the duochrome!

As you can see I don't have to weedle around to find it! Very generous! Very unlike the Sally Hansen Prisms or several others I've got.

It goes from straight purple

to a nice blurple

Very beautiful!

I have one question, though.

Do I need reservations?

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Good call to layer this; looks great!

    Could be the team spent the night at the bar before the meeting where they finalized the names. :)

  2. :D
    Clearly booze had to have been involved!!

  3. ohmygosh I need this polish! I've never tried Sinful before, can't get it over here, but I surely want this one!

  4. only $1.99?? I neeeed to look for this on Ebay!

  5. It should be at the drug store, no? I am not up on how Sinful retires colors, some displays are really full, some are just little ones. It's weird!


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