Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Resuscitation of Sheers Pt 1

Is it possible to resuscitate those sheers that don't layer well over black and can't do it alone?

I don't know. This is a mishmash of an entry because I'm not sure what might help these to work.

But here they are:

Sally Hansen Blueberry Creme

Quite pretty in the bottle, but over black it's pretty much a white shimmer. Meh-tastic.
Alone it's a pale frost.
I guess over a white or a nude (pinkish beige to be more exact, I mean, let's be honest we all look different when we are nude, so what is nude?) it might work.

Sally Hansen Silver Sleek

Works well enough, but not that exciting. I think alone it is a pretty frosty taupe. Pretty enough, but needs a whole bunch of coats.
As a layer coat, not much is popping. More meh.

Then, there are layering sheers that really bat it out of the park!
More on that tomorrow!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I think some of these are better frankened with cremes - they give the creme some shimmer.

  2. I would save these for franken experiments, that last one would be nice for giving a color some silver shimmer.

    Speaking of which, did you see that Rescue Beauty Lounge is looking for regular people to come up with their next 3 shades? So if there is a color or combination that you would love to have but just can't find it, write it up and send it in. I don't think the contest officially starts until sometime in the first week of January, but they announced it to give people time to think about it and come up with something original. I think I'll submit for a crazy duochrome/multichrome. Or maybe I'll just match up one color with odd colored glitter/glass flecks in it.

  3. Good Ideas to keep for frankening! I never think to mix shimmers and cremes.
    Donna, thanks for that tip, I think your idea is so cool, sometimes BBC colors look the same, plus, there sure needs to be some company jumping on this multichrome bandwagon!


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