Friday, December 3, 2010

A Teal That Appeals!

I almost purchased the teal shimmer in the Swiss OPI collection, but opted out. I have so many greenish blues or blueish greens that I wasn't sure if I'd be filling space that was becoming cramped in my Helmers.

Later I found a couple of cool Maybellines at Ross in a 5 pack.

One of those was Teal Appeal. I kind of love it!

Nice shimmer-ation!

Dive in!

I then added some Zoya South Beach Ice over the top:

The affect was lost on the bright sun, but it really does give a Charla feel to the whole thing. I may do a comparison.

My only complaint would be that the Maybelline was nice and dry until I added the Zoya South Beach Ice. I am going to start swatching my Zoyas and I've got a ton after the last big sale they had, and if they are slow to dry on me, I will be sad. Hoping it's just the combination of chemistry between the polishes.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. A 5 pack? That's awesome!

    This is a pretty blue, too bad the zoya slowed the drying process :(

  2. Yeah, good ol' Ross!

    Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. i absolutely love your blog! so glad you commented on mine!

    we pug owners gotta stick together!

  4. Right ON!!!
    Power to the Pugs and their Peeps!!

    (I am a lowly pug slave, curled up on the corner of my bed while they snore away in the middle. Hmmm...maybe it's time to scooch them over!!)
    Love your blog!!


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