Saturday, December 4, 2010


 Is a mint a spring or a summer or a winter polish? I think it's timeless.

There is something about mint that strikes a chord in me, perhaps it's my blind spot. I have nearly 1/2 a helmer drawer full of them, including some multiples.

It is said that Claire's Dreamcatcher nail polish is a pretty good dupe of Chanel 407, aka Jade. I don't know, it's highly probably that I will never afford it, but that's ok, because there are a lot of pretty mints that are just as fabulous, in my humble estimation!

I took this one and added a coat of Sally Hansen Quick Silver Frost top coat, the pale silver sheen that just adds that layer of misty cold morning makes me thing of winter, as does the sprinkling of glitter.

There is something restful about green. I read that in the old days they would paint kitchens that color to keep women from getting hysterical.
Aren't you glad you live in the new days where women aren't condescended to by men who haven't got a clue what it is to be a woman?
I know I am!!

Thanks for reading my restless little nail polish journal!

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