Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rescusitation of Sheers Pt 2

Here's one that is pretty nifty!

It not only is a cute lavender pink alone, but over black it turns into a shimmer blue.

I think a nail bed color (my new phrase for "nude" which is working on an assumption that people are one shade, when they actually aren't!) wouldn't hurt to go underneath it when it is a lone.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Yes, kind of like how band-aids are "flesh colored", not if you are a POC (person of color- black, many latinos, native americans, etc. I'm native american by the way).

    I just love all your layering experiments, I have a shoe box full of sheers and now I have hope for them because of you! lol

  2. Do you get a lot of comment spam? I'm wondering why you have both word verification and mod approval on your comments. Hmmm now that I brought it up, I don't know if I have either or both on my blog! lol

  3. Oh! I am sorry, I didn't know that I had word verification! I do mod approval b/c I do get some spam and people trying to promote their businesses.
    I'll get rid of word verification.

    Thanks for the comments!!!


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