Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Pink?

Pink is a hard color for me to wear, I feel that my skintone looks a bit better in richer ones, I've got a tiny handful of light ones, not every 100% happy with them.

Here are a couple of warm pinks. One actually calls itself a coral!

Let's do it!

Maybelline Natural Pink

I'd really shift this over to the coral spectrum.

The second photo is a little closer to the color, but it's a bit lighter, but not as light as the first photo. Why my camera did that, I am not sure.

I enjoy the Maybelline creme formula, and this was no different: covered well, flowed well, dried well, but as usual the wear wasn't top notch. I never seem to get miles out of Maybelline, sometimes they don't last very long at all. I do have a black cap one that I will re swatch (I put some mint green glitter on a deep blue/red "Crimson" and it was just a study in color addition that makes murkitude and not contrast, bad decision!) that is a gem for wear. This isn't quite in that category of great wear, but it's a cute pink!

Next up is Maybelline Colorama Coral Reef.
To me a hottish pink, still trending coral.

I think both of these would look pretty interesting with some gold glitter or a mutli-color glitter.
If it were summer, I'd probably just wear them as is.
The Colorama seems to have a horrible smell to it, but the formula works pretty well. I like the little dude!

Bit of a digression: I just finished organizing my polishes by brand. Holy smokes. My mom helped me and I am now left with trying to remember which 4 brands I had blacks, where my "lingerie" nudes are, and a host of other things. I am going to embark on the data base, which I will publish, and I really am enjoying looking at my OPIs, China Glazes all in one area. I still kept the layering coats out, I think I would be totally bonkers trying to sift through brands trying to find them.

I am actually caught up on my blog, I'd "future casted" several posts, as you can tell from the size of my nails, and will bulk together a few other swatches and really want to enjoy the holiday swatching that I've planned.


Thanks for reading my "future casted" nail journal!!! You all rock!

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