Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stash II - Topcoats

I thought I'd grab a quick shot of the polish drawer I've categorized as "topcoats"

These aren't actual top coats, but modifying coats. Layering, really.

They aren't glitters, either, that's another drawer!

These are sheers, accidental sheers, glimmer coats, shimmer coats, flakies, and those glassy particles that I am not sure what to call!

There are a number of things that didn't start out that way, but just don't have enough juice to do it on their own!

In the back is the Holiday on Broadway collection. All of it, even an extra bottle of a silver holo a seller on eBay included for free! See? Ebay isn't all evil!
There are my Nfu Ohs, only 50. 51 and 52. I've got a ton of SH, I kind of went nuts on this HD collection. And now, after finding one for $1.50 on eBay, 7 bottles of Hidden Treasure. That's kind of embarrassing to write. Sigh.
I've got the whole Revlon Glimmer Gloss collection, as well as some WnW similar kinds of glassy, shimmery polishes.
There are some Colorama top coats, flakies and a holo mix.
I've got all the SH Opals in there, I just found the last one on eBay, so I do have some more of that coming up.
Some LDL (Elle Elle) sheer shimmers that are golden and pretty.
Pure Ice has a lot of cool top coats. I feel that the brand that makes them, Bari, is a little underated, Mint Dream is a great polish!
Some too sheer: oooold SH round bottles that do very little but melt the polish below it, and are almost better as remover! When it finally dries it's pretty much "dawg, what?"
SH Mist You - 3 bottles? How? I don't know, it was mixed in with other SH's at the DT.
Princessa is there with her Melon colored one, I've got a combo of that one coming up.
Hmmm....oh. and of course some mini SH's I found at Ross. They are kind of cute!
Zoya has some sheer topcoats Vegas Freeze and a couple others from the collection.
LA Color Intense that I won has a couple that are great top coats, too.
A couple of Misas, too.
A couple of too sheer L'oreals that are probably going to be frankened.

Well, there it is. My faves are flakies and the ones that change color or add some fun depth to a creme polish.

I would say that some of the downsides are the old SHs and my tendency to grab backups of stuff I love. That's not good.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. dont be too embarassed. i have three bottles of absolutely alice.

  2. I have a backup of Hidden Treasure and a backup of a NYC polish that a deep navy. I forgot the name. There's a few I have double of but they were accidents! Nice load of layering polishes.


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