Friday, September 24, 2010

New York Color Red - And Some Ramblings

New York Color had a bunch of polishes at the old Dollar Tree a while back. My Dollar Trees are now bare. Except for some scant L.A. Color and a handful of old Sally Hansens.

I have to admit, I'm kind of a Dollar Tree nut. I like the old Sally Hansens and Maybellines because they have been so nice with colors! I kind of think I have a soft spot for Sally Hansen's polishes. In my stash they outnumber anyone else.

The Maybellines seem to be in so many cool colors, I wonder how many more are out there? I almost like the older ones than the new ones I see in the store. Richer colors.

New York Color, I am guessing, in it's previous life had these square bottles, which, I kind of love, and a mish-mosh of colors.

I've found some crazy stuff at dollar tree: from metallics, to shimmers, to cremes, to shimmer cremes. Some are sheer, and I don't think they were supposed to be that way! Some are a treat. It's odd.

I bet there are a lot of people trying to track down various salon brands, because there's a collective knowledge of them and it's easier to find info on them, but these obscure weird polishes that some companies come out with, then discard into the Dollar Tree Vacuum are actually not too bad. What's weird to me is that these polishes seem to all have about the same capabilities.

When I swatched a salon brand, I had as much visible nail line as the one I have on below. That to me is weird! I figured drug store polishes were by their very nature just cheaper overall, but not really.

I mean, if I go out and want to buy a bridle for my horse I can buy a $45 cheap one that I expect to be made of low quality leather, uneven stitches, and it probably won't have the best lifespan. Alternately, I can spend $400 and get a really nice bridle, it will not only last my horse's lifetime, but mine.
Polish has little correlation.
I can spend 33 cents a bottle (Colorama 3 packs at the DT) and have myself a flakey top coat, or I can spend $12.50 a bottle from Nfu Oh. They are nearly the same item: the chemistry may be a wee bit different here and there, the flakes may have differences in size and color range, but in essence, it's the same stuff, and the quality is very similar.


Back to this post.

So here is a real neutral red, New York Color 223

More VNL in real life

It was a little translucent, so it may have been a jelly. I really am not 100% on a jelly. I know that there is a luminosity there that really wasn't quite here in this polish, that candied feeling. This kind of felt more like "hey, dammit, put some more pigment in the polish!" rather than "oooh, squishy, glassy, yummy."  Not too technical, but that's my take. I could be wrong! If anyone reads this and can post a comment to educate me, I'd love it! 

And, I will say that this verges on tomato red. Verges. But, really, it's a nice neutral red. It feels like the color that Carol Lombard is painting her nails in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941 Alfred Hitchcock movie, I recommend it!) because it's a little retro feeling.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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  3. I love getting all those old polishes at the Dollar Tree. I haven't come across any Coloramas yet. Darn! Like that NYC polish. Reminds me of very thin tomato soup.

  4. My Colorama score was a one off deal, odd!


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